Older LGBT Housing Guide


NWGuide_3Stonewall Housing and the Manchester Older LGBT Housing group are pleased to announce the launch of The North West Housing Guide for the older LGBT community.

Manchester has the largest LGBT community outside London, which is an important part of the social and cultural history of the City and the North West.

As a group we feel there is uneven national and local information to support the Older LGBT Community with their housing options. We shouldn’t also forget many of those that fought to make the lives of the LGBT community easier will now be approaching retirement. Indeed, sexual orientation and gender identity do not disappear on retirement.

Therefore, as the Stonewall Housing – Manchester older LGBT Housing Group we are proud to be the first to have produced this housing guide for the older LGBT community. We are hopeful this guide will provide support in the maze that is housing and give a better understanding of housing options.

If you are an older LGBT person in housing need or you know an older LGBT person in housing need, you can download a copy of the guide free of charge here.

Download PDF

This is number 26 in a series of 30: Stonewall Housing at 30.